The range and type of services that EIA are able to provide Contractor organisations include the following:

  • Forensic tender document review and analysis, highlighting risks and threats as well as loopholes and opportunities to gain an advantage (at tender stage and during execution) through errors, omissions, ambiguities and contradictions within the tender/contract documentation.
  • Development of a contract execution policy for contractual aspects of a project.
  • Provision of contractual solutions to problem and issues, impartial advice on claims and dispute settlement, mediation and conciliation advice/services.
  • One-to-one support on contractual aspects to senior management and senior site staff, including reviewing draft correspondence, claims, etc. prepared by staff.
  • Preparation of pro-forma contractual documentation such as claim notices.
  • Advice, support and assistance to contractor’s staff in the preparation of contractual submissions to the Engineer/Construction Supervisor, particularly with respect to claims and their contractual aspects.
  • Preparation, management and co-ordination of all aspects of claims and claim submissions, including legal, contractual, programme delay, costs/quantum, etc.
  • Development and implementation of defence strategies against, for example, Employer’s claims, potential delay damages, termination.
  • All aspects of dispute board (DB) involvement where dispute board can be a dispute adjudication board (DAB) or a dispute review board (DRB), including establishment of a DAB/DRB, submissions to DAB/DRB nominating bodies (e.g. FIDIC when adjudicator(s) cannot be agreed between the Parties), preparation of referrals to dispute boards and responses to referrals, co-ordination of all inputs/contributors to a referral/response such as the programming/delay expert, quantum (cost) expert etc. (whether our experts or other/external experts), preparation for a representation at DAB/DRB hearings, preparation of notices of dissatisfaction.
  • Assistance in preparation for and participating in international arbitration proceedings with particular emphasis on the contractual aspects and the combination of technical/contractual aspects as either the claimant or respondent and the preparation of relevant submissions to the tribunal, such as the Referral, response to the Referral, reply to response, etc. Preparation for and representation at Tribunal hearings, conference calls and meetings.

If a contractor has a particular need for EIA’s support and/or advice that does not appear to be covered by the services outlined above, please contact us to discuss your particular needs and requirements.