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Simon R Worley

B Eng (Hons), C Eng, FICE, MCIArb, C WEM, MCIWEM
Managing Director



Simon holds an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering from Plymouth University and is a

UK Chartered Engineer, Chartered Water and Environmental Manager, Fellow of the

Institution of Civil Engineers, and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

with over 35 years of professional experience. He has worked for Client, Consultant and
Contractor organizations as well as directly for International Financial Institutions such as

AfDB, ADB, AFD, CDB, EBRD, EU, IADB, JICA, KfW, UN and World Bank. He has been

involved in international amicable dispute resolution, numerous DAB’s and arbitrations, and the provision of contract
& claims advice to Clients (including IFIs), Consultants and Contractors, and Government Ministries and Agencies. He is particularly familiar with and has substantial experience in all aspects of claims and disputes (including avoidance, negotiation and settlement) under the FIDIC ‘Construction’ and ‘Plant & Design-Build’ 1999 editions of the Conditions of Contract as well as
the 2010 MDB and 2017 editions. He advises both Contractors and Employers on claim, dispute, adjudication, and arbitration matters, as well as advising Consulting Engineers on Contract Administration best practice. He has been retained as an
independent advisor on claims and contractual matters by several MDB’s/IFI’s and by UNOPS as a contract management advisor, where he has been involved in numerous projects globally with them. He is also an experienced adjudicator, acting as sole adjudicator and chair of 3-person adjudication boards.

He has also provided expert input for procurement, tendering, contracting, claims and adjudication aspects of major projects, including defining and implementing procurement strategy, pre-qualification and tender document preparation, tender evaluation and reporting, award recommendation, contract negotiation and award, construction supervision and supervision-in-chief responsibilities during construction and defects liability period, acting as the 'Engineer' on FIDIC Contracts.
Simon is a panel-listed adjudicator, a listed FIDIC accredited trainer and Senior Consultant to a FIDICapproved/
accredited training company for whom he is a course tutor/trainer lecturing internationally on the FIDIC 1999 and 2017 suite of contracts. He was the Task Group Leader of the FIDIC Updates Task Group (TG6B) that drafted and prepared the ‘2017 Second Editions’ of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction (Red Book), Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build (Yellow Book) and Conditions of Contract for EPC/Turnkey Projects (Silver Book). He was also a member of the FIDIC
Task Group (TG9) that prepared and drafted the new Conditions of Sub-Contract for Plant & Design Build and for EPC/Turnkey. He is a presenter at the residential Construction Law Summer School held at Cambridge University, UK since 2012 and he is a regular speaker on behalf of FIDIC at FIDIC International Users’ Conferences worldwide on a variety of subjects such as ‘The 1999 Conditions of Contract for Design & Plant Build’ and ‘The Role of the Engineer’.

Prior to founding his own company, he held the positions of Vice President, Regional Director, Project Director and Project Manager for major international consultants specialising in planning and procurement, design, tendering, construction supervision and management of FIDIC (and other) Contracts for water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment, marine, highway and structural work in the UK and internationally, including some 20 years internationally on predominantly IFI-funded

Simon has international experience in the following countries: Albania, Antigua, Barbados, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ghana, Haiti, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Latvia, Macedonia (now North Macedonia), Malta, Mongolia, Montenegro, Mozambique, Nigeria, Palestine, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, St Lucia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Syria, Thailand, Trinidad, Turkey, Uganda and Vietnam.

Simon R Worley

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